We get asked this question every year.

Wear what you’re comfortable in. Seriously. If you’re comfortable in jeans and t-shirt, wear it. If you want to don your best pantsuit–GO FOR IT!

The thing is, it honestly doesn’t matter what you wear. If you wear a clown suit and the agents/editors you speak to love your unicorn escaping a futuristic prison from an inhospitable government, then it won’t matter.

We typically suggest business casual. And that’s a good middle ground for you to shoot for. Slacks and a nice shirt. It’s middle ground. Not too fancy, not too casual. It hits that sweet spot. Keep in mind, during the conference you’re going to be walking a lot. Wear super comfy shoes!

In all my years of working on the conference, I’ve seen people in shorts and flip flops to someone wearing a full blown tux, to our friends in the military wearing their official dress uniforms. Lots of variety!!! So do whatever works for you and make sure you worry about the more important thing than what you’re wearing–your writing!!!

It all goes back to why your pitch doesn’t matter, which I will repost here very soon!! 🙂


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