Time to sign up for pitch sessions!

It’s the moment so many of you have been waiting for! Time for attendees of DFWCon 2021 to sign up for your free pitch or consultation session with a literary agent or editor.

All signups will be checked to verify an existing registration. Please use the same name and email address you used to sign up for the conference. Signups placed before registering for the conference will be deleted.

Each attendee is entitled to one free pitch or consultation session. You will be asked to indicate your first, second and third choice of agent. This is just in case we’re not able to place you with your first choice. Please note that some of the agents require that you have a completed manuscript you are pitching to them. Completed means ready to send a draft immediately if they request it. Other agents are willing to provide a consultation session if your project is not complete. You can use them as a sounding board, determine whether there is a current market for the concept, etc. The form indicates next to their names which agents provide consultation sessions.

Attendees will be assigned to an agent or editor first come, first served in order of conference registration.

You can see information about the agents and editors at https://dfwcon.org/agentseditors/.

The pitch session signup form is at http://dfwcon2021pitchsignup.eventbrite.com.

If you haven’t registered yet but would like to attend, please visit http://www.dfwcon.org and register before returning to sign up for a pitch session. See you at DFWCon!

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