Time to sign up for limited seating classes!

Enjoy These Amazing Workshops at DFWCon!

Once you’ve registered for DFWCon June 22-23, you can sign up for limited seating classes! Most of our classes are open seating, but a small number of them do require advance signup.

This year, in addition to our traditional Interactive Workshops, we’ve got three advanced level classes in human behavior, story premise, and world building. And we’ve got two special treats, a beginner level course about firearms taught at the Hurst Police Department, and a panel discussing the wilder side of life called Taboo Topics, the first class at DFWCon to require a non-disclosure agreement in order to attend.

And we are trying something new called Agent/VIP Roundtables, which gives small groups of writers the chance to sit at a round table with an agent or special guest and enjoy an unstructured half-hour conversation.

Please only register for workshops you are sure you will attend, to make sure there’s room for everyone to attend one. 

A list of classes and a schedule can be found here: https://dfwcon.org/dfwcon-schedule/. The classes that require advance signup are highlighted in yellow on the schedule.

Register for DFWCon at http://www.dfwcon.org.  Then, sign up for the workshops at http://dfwcon2019workshops.eventbrite.com.

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