Reminder: How to sign up for your free pitch session when you’ve already registered for DFWCon

For those of you who registered for DFWCon early and need to go back to choose an agent and editor for a pitch session, use the instructions below. You’ll be logging back into the registration site, Eventbrite, to update your registration. Remember, one free pitch session comes with your registration. We ask you for three choices… Read More

“Marketing Tips for Writers,” a DFWCon class by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam and D.L. Young

With slashed marketing budgets and overworked publicists—as well as the prevalence of indie publishing—today’s writers are encouraged, even expected, to take an active part in marketing their work. But a lot of writers don’t know where to start, and some are overwhelmed with too much information. This year, publicist and writer Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam and… Read More

Digging Deeper: An Interactive Novel Writing Workshop by Jenny Martin

Sure, you know the basics of novel writing…plot, dialogue, description. But are you ready to dig deeper into theme, characterization, subtext and world-building? Are you ready to truly master the craft of writing, delivering the the kind of story that lingers, staying with the reader long after the book has been closed? The kind that… Read More

Historical Research for Fiction Writers: Where to Start (and When to Stop) by J. Kathleen Cheney

My name is J. Kathleen Cheney and I’m an author of Historical Fantasy. Research can be a bit like an addiction, it pulls you in and it’s hard to quit. I think that’s the reason I’ve published three novels in that field (The Golden City series), and why I continue to write short fiction and… Read More

Join us on Friday, April 22 for special pre-conference workshops

Join us for a day of professional development as writers on Friday, April 22, in four intensive classes taught by nationally known authors and journalists Christopher Golden, Tara McKelvey and Thomas Kunkel! The Pre-Conference is a separate event from DFWCon, which takes place at the same location on April 23-24. Registration for these classes is… Read More

“The Seven Deadly First-Page Sins,” taught by Laura Maisano and Tex Thompson

Laura Maisano (right), senior editor at Anaiah Press, and Tex Thompson, author of the Children of the Drought series, have teamed up again. This dynamic duo helped last year’s attendees trim and build their manuscripts with Prose P90X, and this year they’re up to shenanigans again. The class tackles the toughest part of getting an… Read More

“Writing the Odd, Publishable Poem,” a class by Joaquin Zihuatanejo

Joaquín Zihuatanejo is a poet, writer, teacher and World Poetry Slam Champion from Dallas, Texas. He has been called by critics “one of the most passionate and poignant performance poets in the country melding equal parts poetry, story telling, and comedy into a crowd pleasing display of verbal fireworks.” His work has been published in… Read More

Keith Thomas Walker to teach class on successful romance formulas

Do you ever wonder why the “ugly duckling” theme works so often in romance novels? What about the “rich guy, modest girl” storyline? That plot has been around since before the days of Shakespeare. It may seem overused, but we all know how well it worked in Fifty Shades of Gray. The fact is, when… Read More

Graphic Design for Writers 101, a class by designer Sally Hamilton

Even if you are already professionally or self published, you can’t simply write a good novel and expect to get noticed by the rest of the world. A professional facade is mandatory in this digital day and age, and there’s still a place for a great business card. Distributing cards or bookmarks is easy. Sales… Read More

Never miss out on an anthology invite again, thanks to Shawn Scarber’s short story class!

Does the thought of writing a short story terrify you? Have you ever wanted a dependable way to write short fiction without reinventing the wheel for each new story? Do you wonder how to give the reader an emotional charge in under four thousand words? If your answer to any of these questions is yes,… Read More

“Faith-Based Writing,” a class by Michelle Stimpson

Faith-based romance is hot… but not too hot, right? Characters can hug, but can they ____? A woman can teach, but can she ____? And who’s the boss of what’s allowed, anyway? These questions plague many writers who are considering the Christian fiction genre. Michelle Stimpson has written a book or two—or twenty—in this genre… Read More