“Marketing Tips for Writers,” a DFWCon class by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam and D.L. Young

With slashed marketing budgets and overworked publicists—as well as the prevalence of indie publishing—today’s writers are encouraged, even expected, to take an active part in marketing their work. But a lot of writers don’t know where to start, and some are overwhelmed with too much information. This year, publicist and writer Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam and… Read More

Introverts unite – together at DFWCon! Here’s a class just for you

Writing the book is introvert heaven. Publishing the book is divine. But then the really hard work starts: Selling the book. And if you’re an introvert, like several of us on the DFW Writers Conference team, it can be really, really hard. This year, DFWCon has a class just for you. Er, us. Titled “Self Promotion for Introverts,”… Read More