Sally Hamilton

Sally Hamilton

Sally Hamilton is an accomplished graphic designer with over ten years of industry experience working with clients such as Westinghouse, Walmart, and Michaels. She is the designer of the DFW Writers’ Workshop, DFW Writers Block, and the DFW Writers Conference logos including the 10th anniversary logo. Her book cover illustration credits include A. Lee Martinez’s Robot’s Vs. Slime Monsters anthology and Strange Afterlives, in which she has a featured short story. Freelancing as an expert on self promotional materials for writers, Sally has worked with many authors to create a wide variety of enticing swag. Her goal is to include the author in the design process and to empower them with a better understanding of the importance of visual communication. In her spare time she writes the books she wants to read, crochets, and wrangles her novolologist husband A. Lee Martinez and their menagerie of furry, four legged roommates.


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Swag Attack! Working With a Graphic Designer

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