Rachelle Harp

Rachelle Harp

Rachelle Harp is a speculative fiction author as well as an avid coffee drinker. She spins short stories and novels in various genres. Over the years, she’s worked in education as both a music and a history teacher, and taught at various local writers conferences. She and her family live in the North Dallas area. Most recently, Rachelle was a Writers of the Future Contest finalist and participant in Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars. Rachelle is a Zebulon Contest winner for the Pikes Peak Writers. Her fiction is forthcoming in *Galaxy’s
Edge Magazine* and published in *Perihelion SF Magazine* and on *StarShipSofa*. Her non-fiction can be found in *Chicken Soup for the Soul*. She’s an associate member of Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America and a Codex Writers member.


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