August 30, 2016


If you’ve attended DFWCon before, you know we provide great speakers and classes to help you progress on your writer’s journey. Part of DFWCon’s mission statement is to provide the strongest educational program of ANY writing conference in the state of Texas. We’re working on an experienced and credentialed lineup of speakers for you.  We’ll announce the speakers at a later date.

Can I speak?

Most DFWCon speakers are arranged by invitation. However, we do give serious consideration to speaker proposals from authors or subject matter experts who plan to be in the Fort Worth area on June 22 or 23. If you’d like to submit one, please fill out our speaker application form no later than Jan. 31, 2019.  Please note that as a non-profit operating on a tight margin, we are not in a position to pay speaker fees.

Factors that weigh in favor of an application include:

  • Solid credentials or experience related to the topic
  • Original topics we haven’t heard before
  • Advanced level topics
  • Exclusivity in the DFW area during March to June 2019