August 24, 2016

DFWCon 2022 Speaker Application Form


DFWCon is always looking for dynamic, highly qualified experts to complement our speaker lineup. Applicants should live in or near the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex or plan on being in town during the conference. We especially take note when applicants:

  • have prior teaching credentials at writing conferences and seminars
  • offer classes on specialty or advanced topics
  • have credentials or documented expertise for their area of instruction
  • propose to teach multiple classes
  • are available for both days of the conference
  • plan active participation opportunities for attendees (less “lecture” and more “interactive workshop”)
  • have an established platform and following
  • will actively promote the conference and their class to their following

We’re especially interested in advanced topics taught by demonstrated experts.  Topics that will catch our eye include (but are not limited to):

  • becoming a hybrid author
  • diversifying your publications portfolio (new genres, short fiction, etc.)
  • gathering and keeping an active fan base
  • small business best practices
  • reader-targeted social media
  • surviving a career crash / coming out of a sales slump
  • working with professional book reviewers (booktubers, book bloggers, etc.)
  • worthwhile paid promotion avenues (Bookbub, KDD, etc.)
  • crowdfunding
  • hired help: what tasks to outsource and when
  • promoting in person: conventions, book festivals, signings, et al
  • leveraging your network without losing friends
  • getting the best ROI for your marketing budget – measuring your results
  • planning a promotional blitz

If our conference looks like a good fit for you, please fill out the form below!

DFWCon 2022 Speaker Application Form

DFWCon 2022 Speaker Application Form

About You

(If you answer No but this situation changes later, please email an update to director :at: dfwcon dot org.)

Additional Questions for Published Authors

About Your Class


Please use this form to tell us about the class you’re planning to teach. If you have more than one class to offer, please return to the form after submitting and complete it again for the next class.