Preliminary list of DFWCon classes released

We’re nearing completion of this year’s education program for DFWCon, June 9-10! This is a PARTIAL list of the classes we’ll have this year – about two-thirds of the entire program. We’ll be adding to the list. As you can see there are quite a few advanced-level topics this year, and several classes covering marketing and promotion. Enjoy perusing the list!

A Few Good Writers: Crafting Realistic Courtroom Drama in Fiction – Jamie Olin & Sam Hawk
Audio Books: Bringing Your Book to Life – Kylie Stewart
Build the Arc: Creating Character- Driven Stories – Margo Catts
Building a YouTube Platform – Seth Skorkowsky
Connect With Your Readers Using Email Newsletters – Amy Tasukada
Contract Clauses and Considerations – Lucienne Diver
Don’t Be Bamboozled by a Bad Book Editor – Shayla Raquael
Easy Peasy Character Profiles – Amanda Arista
Editing: Leave to Professionals – Susan Stewart
Fight or Flight: Enrich Your Characters by Finding and Feeding on Their Fears – Margo Catts
Fighting Demons: Internal versus External Conflict – Jaye Wells
Formatting e-Books – Susan Stewart
Freelancing Opportunities in the Christian Niche – Mel Stiles
From the Elevator Pitch to the Novel Synopsis: Tips and Tricks for Summarizing Your Novel – Jamie Olin
Ghostwriting – Mel Stiles
Going Public: Designing Literary Events to Suit Your Style – Greta Boris
How Authors Get on TV – Dina Havranek
How to Become a Professional Editor – Leslie Lutz
How to do Historical Research – Richard J. Gonzales
Keynote Speech – Scott Westerfeld
Writing Lessons and Tips – Reavis Wortham
Listen to Me: Understanding the Braided Voice of Memoir – Lisa Dale Norton
Mastering the Scene – Jaye Wells
Preparing For And Nurturing A Loyal Fan-Base – Jennie Komp
Science Fiction Writing for Dummies: Or Dispelling the Myth that Writing SF is Hard – Bill Ledbetter
Self-Editing Tips – Patty Carothers
Shimmering Images: A Handy Little Workshop for Writing Memoir – Lisa Dale Norton
Social Media Platform Building – Amy Brewer
Spoonful of Subplot: Mixing in a Sweet Romance – Amanda Arista
Tech Writing: Is it Just Microwave Manuals? – Laura Maisano
The Author-Agent Relationship – Uwe Stender and Sabrina Lotfi
The Big Q’s: What to Ask Prospective Agents – Amy Bishop
The Monster in Every Writer’s Closet: Free Your Writing from Self-Doubt Sabotage – Colleen Story
The Road to Publication, and Other Great Disasters – Reavis Wortham
The Scientist Next Door: Or How to Approach Experts with Research Questions – Bill Ledbetter
The Screenwriter’s Labyrinth (2 parts) – John Darrouzet
The Secrets of Optimal Productivity: What You Really Need to Get More Done in Less Time – Colleen Story
The Truth about Memoir Publishing: What Editors Know and Writers Need to Know – Lisa Dale Norton
Typography for Self-Publishers – Laura Maisano
Using Insights from Social Media to Guide Your Strategy – Michelle Wicmandy
Voice – Patricia Burroughs
Walking the Tightrope Between Faith and Fiction – Greta Boris
What Story Are You Not Telling? Writing Our Way Through Challenges – Angelique L’Amour
What’s Your Secret? The Character Creation Workshop – Angelique L’Amour
Writing Believable LGBT Characters – Sam Hawk
Writing Past Cliché, Reflecting Real Diversity in Literature – Richard J. Gonzales
Writing With a Partner – Patty Carothers and Amy Brewer
Writing with Emotion – Patricia Burroughs
Your Book Marketing Recipe for Sizzling Sales – Shayla Raquael

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