Pitch session signups have begun! Register now to meet with a literary agent

Looking to pitch your manuscript to a literary agent? Pitch session signups for the DFW Writers Conference have begun!

DFWCon is May 6-7 in Dallas. Your registration entitles you to one free 10-minute pitch session with an agent. You can also pitch to agents at the reception or even in the hallway, but a pitch session gets you 10 minutes of an agent’s undivided attention.

If you haven’t registered yet but want to meet with an agent, now is the time! Go to HERE to sign up. The very last question on the signup form is whether you want a pitch session. Click Yes, and it will present a list of all this year’s agents. You will be asked to pick first, second, and third choices. Remember, you get one free pitch session. The second and third choices are backups in case your first choice is full.

If you already registered, go to Eventbrite, log in and go back into your registration form. You’ll see the question about pitch sessions has magically appeared at the bottom of the form.

“But wait, DFWCon,” you ask, “how will I know which agent to pitch to? I don’t want to throw away my pitch session on the wrong agent!” We’re so glad you asked. By referring to this genre chart, that’s how! 

It’ll tell you which agents are most likely to be interested in your work.

You can also view agent profiles here . Keep in mind that information can change, and we recommend you research agents independently – but this is what we know at this time.

Good luck and let us know if you need any help signing up!


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