DFWCon 2024

DFWCon Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy

The writing community is a diverse population in terms of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious faith, political belief, cultural background, physical/mental ability, income level and many other factors. The DFW Writers Conference welcomes everyone who meets the age requirement. We are a “big tent.”

DFWCon also recognizes that we can’t claim to be inclusive while turning a cold shoulder to groups that don’t share our characteristics, challenges or beliefs. Expressing an opinion we don’t agree with does not necessarily constitute discrimination or harassment.

Liberal or conservative, atheist or religious, gay or straight, literary or commercial, fiction or nonfiction, you are welcome at DFWCon. Your part of the bargain is accepting that the other people at DFWCon are welcome too, and ALL of you deserve a great conference experience.

Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated. Unwanted advances or physical contact will not be tolerated. Abusing, intimidating, threatening or violent behavior will not be tolerated, whether it is verbal, physical, or written. If someone requests to be left alone, leave them alone.

If you feel you are being discriminated against or harassed, or you observe inappropriate conduct, we encourage you to take the following steps.

If you feel comfortable doing so, politely, and calmly discuss the inappropriate behavior with the person(s) involved and request that it stop.
If you do not feel comfortable doing this, or if it does not resolve the issue, please report the situation immediately to any conference team member. It is helpful if you can provide a name and/or physical description of the person(s) involved.

DFWCon will review the complaint and determine what, if any, action is to be taken. In less egregious cases, our first hope will be to find a solution allowing both parties to peacefully coexist and continue to enjoy the conference. Options include but are not limited to a verbal warning, requiring an apology, revoking the offending person’s conference registration, or exclusion from future conferences for any number of years. We may even ban someone from attending for life. In the worst-case scenario, we may contact law enforcement.

DFWCon will also not tolerate Internet shaming. Posting photos of or messages about conference attendees to the Internet with the intent or effect of embarrassing, ridiculing, shaming or otherwise harming the individuals, even in response to perceived harassment, will also be reviewed as possible harassment.

This policy does not inhibit your freedom to contact law enforcement. If a crime has been committed, feel free to call police first and then notify conference staff if you prefer.

This policy covers conduct of DFWCon attendees, guests and staff while in the conference venue, in any hotel where conference attendees are staying, at any establishment where an official conference event is taking place, and in the surrounding areas outside these locations (parking lots, sidewalks etc.) where conference attendees interact during the timeframe of the conference. It also covers online conduct related to the conference when that conduct affects other attendees.

Steve Berry is the New York Times and #1 internationally bestselling author of twenty-three novels, including his latest, The Atlas Maneuver. Steve has also co-written two novels with Grant Blackwood, Red Star Falling, and The 9th Man, both Luke Daniels Adventures, and four novellas with M. J. Rose: The End of Forever, The House of Long Ago, The Lake of Learning, and The Museum of Mysteries, all Cassiopeia Vitt tales. 

History lies at the heart of every Steve Berry novel. It’s his passion, one he shares with his wife, Elizabeth, which led them to create History Matters, a foundation dedicated to historic preservation. 

He has been chosen both the Florida and Georgia Writer of the Year. He’s also an emeritus member of the Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board. In 2010, a NPR survey named The Templar Legacy one of the top 100 thrillers ever written.

Steve was born and raised in Georgia, graduating from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University. He was a trial lawyer for 30 years and held elective office for 14 of those years. He is a founding member of International Thriller Writers—a group of nearly 6,000 thriller writers from around the world—and served three years as its co-president.