Full schedule posted!

We’ve got 45 hours of educational programming lined up for you to choose from. Check out our interactive schedule so you can start planning. Be prepared to have to make some difficult choices!

Most of our classes don’t require any advance signup for registered attendees to join. But we do have two kinds of special workshop, Read & Critique and So Here’s My Problem.

Read and Critique: Readers will get 11 minutes of read and critique time, with a maximum of seven minutes for reading and whatever time is left over for critique. Critique is led by members of the DFW Writers Workshop, which has specialized in read and critique since 1977.

So Here’s My Problem: Writers at any skill level can bring any problem or question related to their writing or the business of publishing. As the Petitioner, you can ask for help with your cover letter, or your pitch, or a page from your manuscript. You can ask the panelists to help with voice, or character development, or plot structure. It’s up to you. Our team of industry experts will do their utmost to help.

To be the Reader or Petitioner, sign up ahead of time here. But you can also take part in these workshops as an Audience Member, which does not require advance signup. Audience Members just listen and learn.

If you haven’t already registered to attend DFWCon, there’s still time! Register here today.

2 thoughts on “Full schedule posted!

  • Hello Sir/Madam: I’m new to the DFW Writer’s Conference and have registered for the session. How will I be able to access the online conference? My name is Vicki Darbonne, email vdarbonne272@yahoo.com. I appreciate you reaching back with me.

    Thank you looking forward to the conference.

    • Hello Vicki, watch your email because we will be sending instructions out to all attendees. The conference will take place in a platform called Whova. Classes will take place in Zoom meetings that you access from within the Whova platform.

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