Frequently Asked Questions

When is the conference? May 6-7th, 2017.

Where is it? It’s at The Dallas Sheraton, 400 N. Olive St. Dallas, TX 75201. More details

Is there a special hotel rate?  Yes, rooms will be $169 per night, which is a great deal at the Sheraton. Book a hotel room here.

What classes will be offered? We will have more than 65 classes, includes lectures, panels and interactive workshops. We’ll be publishing the full schedule soon, but in the meantime, here is a partial list of class titles.

What agents will be there? Here’s the list so far – we may be adding more. 

Who are the headliners?  This year we have popular blogger and memoir writer Stephanie Klein, and Dallas-Fort Worth favorite Rachel Caine, who has more than 50 novels in fantasy, science fiction, YA and other genres published.  Our special guest is highly regarded publishing professional Jane Friedman.

Will you be doing the Query Gong game show again?  Yes.

Where do I register? Visit

Do you offer any discounts?  Yes, we have discounts for educators, full-time college students, active or retired military and their spouses, law enforcement officers, first responders, nurses and allied health professionals.  We also have a referral reward program in which you can reduce your registration rate by encouraging other writers to attend. More details

What if I can’t make it both days?  We have 1-day rates available on the registration site.

Can I bring my teen writer with me?  Yes, we have a special rate for teens age 15 to 17 who are accompanying a conference attendee. Please see the registration site.

Do you have an anti-discrimination policy? Yes, you can find it here.

Why should I attend a writers conference? Simply put, networking. It’s the number one reason to attend any conference dedicated to writers. You will meet and befriend so many people both publishing professionals and people new in their careers, that will pay dividends. We’ve often had people, simply by chance, meet someone who eventually makes a great impression on their career. You should also come to learn more about the business and the craft of writing. The publishing indutstry is in a constant state of flux with the democratization of publishing. We keep the information fresh and the topics new at the conference so you’re always on the bleeding edge.  

What should I wear? Whatever you’re comfortable in. We’ve seen people in tuxedos and shorts. Business casual is a safe bet if you don’t want to rock the boat.

What should I bring? Something to take notes on. Good walking shoes. Change of clothes. There will be daytime and evening events. You can wear the same to both if you like.  Do not bring a printed manuscript, unless directly requested.

Do you have a refund policy? Yes, it’s right here.

Who puts on the Dallas-Fort Worth Writers Conference? The Conference is run by the DFW Writers’ Workshop, a non-profit entity.  We help writers of all genres and experience levels to produce and promote professionally published work. We do this by providing read-and-critique sessions, educational activities, ongoing author support, networking opportunities and a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. We’ve been meeting every week in the Metroplex for read-and-critique sessions since 1977.




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