Editing sessions give you feedback on your writing from an experienced author

This year we’re offering $49 editing and feedback sessions with experienced published authors. We have a limited quantity, and the page will only be up for about a week, so don’t delay!

You can sign up at https://dfwcon2017editingsessions.eventbrite.com.

Once you’ve signed up for a session, you’ll submit 10 pages and the published author you select will read them in advance and spend 20 minutes with you, giving you feedback on your writing.

We’ll send you instructions on how to submit your pages and when your session is at a later date.

Available authors and their genres are:

  • Kes Trester – YA
  • Stephanie Klein – Memoir, and any fiction except sci-fi/fantasy
  • Seth Skorkowsky – fantasy and horror
  • Annie Neugebauer – picture books and any adult fiction (specializing in horror, literary, and SFF)
  • Tex Thompson – any adult fiction
  • Melissa Lenhardt – historical fiction



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