Discounts and Incentives


DFWCon offers discounts for writers in certain professions. We’ve also added a rewards program for writers who bring new people into the fold.  These may be applied to Regular, Late, or 1-day tickets, but not DFW Writers’ Workshop membership rates. One offer per person – if more than one discount or special rate applies to you, you use the lowest price available.

Education discount:

For educators at any school level or full-time college students, we offer a 15 percent discount. You’ll be asked to provide school affiliation. Enter discount code EDUCATE17.  

Military discount:  

For active or retired military or their spouses, we offer a 15 percent discount. You’ll be asked for your connection to the military.  Enter discount code MIL17.

Law enforcement discount:  

For any current or retired law enforcement officer at city, county, state or federal level, we offer a 15 percent discount. You’ll be asked your affiliation to a law enforcement agency. Enter discount code BADGE17.

First responder/health care discount:

For any current or retired firefighter, paramedic or other first responder, we offer a 15 percent discount. Also covers nurses and allied health professionals. You’ll be asked for your employment information. Enter discount code RESCUE17.

Referral reward program:

We’ll reward you for bringing new writers to DFWCon! Convince writers who’ve never attended before to try us, and have them mention your name in the “How Did You Hear About Us” question in the registration form.

We’ll reduce your registration fee (and issue you a refund if you’ve already registered) according to this table:

1 referral: 10% discount
2 referrals: 20% discount
3 referrals: 30% discount
4 referrals: 50% discount
5 referrals: 100% discount

For existing registrations, the referral question must have been answered at time of registration.



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