October 19, 2021


We’re thrilled to announce our list of speakers and their associated classes for this year’s conference! Our lineup includes authors, agents, editors, publishers, and literary champions from writing communities near and far. We can’t wait to learn from them all!

See the complete list below.

In addition, click on the button below to download the full conference schedule, which includes classes, panels and keynote speakers.

Robin Alvarez – Earning Your BookTok Crown (Without the Dancing)

Amanda Arista – The Heroine’s Journey

Amanda Arista – A Spoonful of Subplot Sugar: Adding Romance to Any Book

Sue Arroyo – I Got a Publishing Contract. Now What?

Hannah Vanvels Ausbury – How to Hook an Agent in Three Chapters

Rebecca Balcárel – How to Write and Sell Middle Grade Novels

Elise Ballard – Epiphanies!

Jenny Bhatt – Going Back in Time with Historical Fiction

S. Clark Chase – 10 Secrets to the Perfect Beginning (for Your Novel or Short Story)

Amy Collins – An Overview of the Pub Board and Acquisitions Process

Amy Collins – Query Homework

Lauren Danhof – Finding Your Voice in Fiction

Lauren Danhof & Laura Dupuy – Writers’ Speed-Dating!

Larry Enmon – Writing Suspense, Mysteries, and Thrillers

Will Evans – Publishing 101

David Eversole – Be Audit You Can Be: Accounting Advice for Self-Employed Writers

Sanderia Faye – Writing Multiple POVs

Brooke Fossey – Dialogue and Characterization: Snappy Convos with Interesting People

Kay Goodnight – Sidekick Kick-Starter

Mike Guinn – Speak-Laugh-Love: A Creative Engagement Workshop

Harry Hall – Oh Wow, I’m Going on TV! Now What?

Harry Hall – From Page to Stage: Share Your Work with the World

Heather Harper Ellett – Writing Through the Apocalypse: Staying Creative When the World is Burning Down   

Amber Helt – The Pulse of Your Story Beats

Amber Helt – The Voice of Empty Space

Ellis Kaye – Writer Role Play: Character Development

Dave Lieber – The Power of Your Perfect Storytelling Can Change the World

Leslie Lutz – The Big Bad: How to Create a Memorable Villain

Jenny Martin – Great Characters, Grand Journeys: Plotting the Epic Story

A. Lee Martinez & Sally Hamilton – Mastering Mood for Writers

Kimberlee Mendoza – Write Right: A Beginning Writer’s Workshop

Stephanie Malia Morris – The Storyteller’s Guide to the Galaxy: Speculative Fiction 101

Kevin O’Connor – Children’s Books: Board Books to YA

Jessica S. Olson – Reverse-Outline Your Way to an Unputdownable Mystery

Rosie J. Pova – So, You Want to Write for Children

Shayla Raquel – Best Book Launch Ever

Shayla Raquel – Unforgettable Memoirs: Writing a Legacy Worth Reading

John Reyna – Morality Clauses & Contracts

Callie Stroker – Anti-Ableism in Storytelling

Dana Swift – Marketing for the Traditionally Published Author

Pamela Taylor – DIY Editing? You’ve Got This!

Shannon Valenzuela – Screenwriting 101

Shannon Valenzuela – Next-Level Career Planning

George Wilhite – Defeating Writer’s Block

Terrie Wolf – How Writing a Novel is Like the Circus