DFWCon in Cooperation with The Michener Center for Writers

We are thrilled to announce that now and for years to come we’ll be working in cooperation with the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas at Austin to bring new esteemed speakers to the conference. We can’t wait to continue adding to our already stellar roster of authors and teachers.

About the Michener Center

The Michener Center for Writers is the only MFA program in the world that provides full and equal funding to every writer, yet it is the extraordinary faculty and sense of community that most distinguishes us.  Ours is a three-year, fully funded residency program with a unique interdisciplinary focus. While writers apply and are admitted in a primary genre—fiction, poetry, playwriting or screenwriting—they also study a secondary genre during their time in Austin.  There are no teaching duties, a luxury that allows our Fellows to commit themselves fully to their writing, and because only 12 writers are admitted each year, our faculty can devote ample time and energy to every writer.   With unparalleled support and the deeply held belief that literary art matters now more than ever, the Michener Center offers its writers three years of unencumbered space to make the work that only they can.

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