COVID-19 Update: Event Still On at This Time

March 12, 2020 Update

The safety of all participants at DFWCon is our first priority. The conference team has been watching the COVID-19 situation closely and we’re planning our response.

At this time, everything we know points to DFWCon happening as planned, with protective measures in place. We’ll get into more detail closer to the event, but these measures are likely to include hand sanitizer stations at multiple locations and an alternative form of greeting instead of handshakes, among other things.

Our event is three months away, so we have some time to work with. The situation is evolving and it remains to be seen how things will look in June. We’re optimistic that the situation will be better understood and a lot of uncertainty will have been resolved by then. If the facts call for it, we are prepared to make hard decisions in the interest of public health. The safety of participants will be the overriding consideration in a decision to proceed or not proceed.

In the meantime, we’re continuing our work to deliver a fun, safe, and productive conference.

To help you keep track of our updates, we’ve created a COVID-19 page on our website.

Refund policy for ticket sales on or after March 19

We have to try to avoid a rush of last-minute refund requests, which could spell the permanent end of DFWCon. To do that we’re reluctantly changing our refund policy on ticket sales on or after March 19.

Tickets purchased no later than March 25 will remain under the original refund policy. Refunds or partial refunds will be granted according to the existing refund schedule: 100% refund through April 30. 50% refund May 1-31. 25% refund June 1-12. No refunds after June 12. If unable to attend, you may transfer your registration to someone else or defer it to next year. Contact

For tickets purchased on or after March 26, no refunds will be available for cancellation by attendee. If you decide not to attend this year, you may use your ticket to attend the 2021 conference or transfer your ticket to another person. If we cancel the event or postpone it to a date when you cannot attend, you may request a full refund, use your ticket to attend the 2021 conference, or transfer your ticket to another person. To request a refund, defer your ticket to 2021, or transfer it to someone else, email

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