Class schedule and how to sign up for limited-seating workshops

You can now view the DFWCon schedule and list of class descriptions.

We hope you like the class selection! They cover a broad range of writing-related topics and there’s something for people at all skill and experience levels. We’ve even got business classes, covering topics like contracts and working with an agent or editor effectively. And if you’ve advanced to the stage of being ready to promote yourself and your work, we’ve got you covered, with classes about how to get on TV, how to use makeup to look your best on TV, how to design promotional events and how to create and run a great YouTube channel.

Most of our classes are open-seating. But we have a number of limited-seating hands-on workshops as well. Those are shaded yellow on the schedule. Grab your seat before the workshops fill up! Sign up here.

DFWCon is June 9-10 at the Hurst Conference Center, in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Register today!

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