Check it out: Partial list of classes for DFWCon 2017

We’re hard at work on the DFWCon 2017 education schedule! Here is a PARTIAL list of class titles and speakers. There’s more to come – we will have more than 65 sessions. This is just a sneak peek, and it’s subject to change.

DFWCon is May 6-7 in Dallas. Register at

Read and Critique sessions

So Here’s My Problem workshops (for authors to seek advice on any writing-related problem)

So Close And Yet So Far workshops (for authors who’ve submitted and gotten rejections)

Ask an Agent panels

Writing Fight Scenes That Kick Butt: Seth Skorkowsky

Finding Your Voice: Amanda Arista

Boom and Bust: Surviving the Writers Life: D.D. Ayres

Spicy Romances – Finding Your Intensity: Sarah Bale

Cover Design 101: Rod Martinez

When to Ignore Good Advice: Rosemary Clement

Getting Your “Baby” Ready for the Real World: Kirk von der Heydt

Crafting Fabulous First Lines: J.C. Davis

Book to Film – Writing for the Page and Screen: Will Evans

The Evolution of Scene: Anne Fields

Traditional Publishing Workshop: Jane Friedman

Self-Publishing Workshop: Jane Friedman

Promoting Your Book Outside of Social Media: Arlene Gale

Swag Attack! Working With a Designer: Sally Hamilton

Creating Compelling Female SFF Characters: Rachelle Harp

Using Tarot Cards to Tell Your Story: Kristin Breckenridge

Courting Controversy: Will Clarke

Emotional Rollercoaster – Taking Your Readers for a Ride: Kelsey Macke

Navigating the Seas of Small-Press Publishing: Laura Maisano

The Evolution of Cybercrime: Keath Marx

Essentials of Self-Editing: Henry McLaughlin

Hashtags, Buzzwords and Loglines – Selling Your Book in Today’s Market: Peter Miller

The Query Pitch As a Tool: Annie Neugebauer

Overcoming Self-Doubt: Inka Nisinbaum

Tackling the Dreaded Synopsis: Jaime Olin

Ten Secrets of a Winning Nonfiction Proposal: Sharon Pelletier

Legal Issues for Writers: Eric Ruben

Working With an Agent: Abby Saul

Finding Time for Your Dream: Carolyn Williamson

Serialized Stories – Bite-Sized Writing: C.L. Stegall

Crafting an Enticing Query and Logline: Brent Taylor

Working with a Writing Coach or Editor: Beatriz Terrazas and Kristin vonNamen

Ten Commandments of Great World-Building: Tex Thompson

Pre-Publicity: Kate Tienstra

Ten Tricks of the Screenwriting Trade for Novelists: Kes Trester

Ghostwriting – Conjuring the Real Person: Robin Underdahl


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Comments on Check it out: Partial list of classes for DFWCon 2017

Pat Krapf

How do you sign up for Promoting Yourself Outside Social Media?

    Steve Manning

    Hello Pat! We’ll put up a registration form for all of the limited-seating classes and make an announcement within the next few weeks.

      Pat Krapf

      Thank you.

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