DFWCon's 2019 keynote speaker is bestselling author Chuck Wendig.

Chuck Wendig is DFWCon’s 2019 keynote speaker!

We’re delighted to announce that our 2019 keynote speaker will be Chuck Wendig, the noted science fiction and fantasy novelist, comic book author, screenwriter and popular blogger! Chuck’s books include the Atlanta Burns series, the Miriam Black series, the Heartland Trilogy, and the Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy. He’s also written two non-fiction books about the Read more about Chuck Wendig is DFWCon’s 2019 keynote speaker![…]

I’m A new/hobby/pro writer

What can I get out of your conference? Great question! We have made every attempt to ensure our conference encompasses all level of writers. So if you’re really new to writing, or you’ve published four books, there’s something for you here. Our education tracts range from rank newbie to someone looking to attract and keep Read more about I’m A new/hobby/pro writer[…]