Bestselling fantasy author David Wolverton to teach at DFWCon

Award-winning, bestselling sci-fi and fantasy author David Wolverton will be with us at DFWCon in Dallas May 6-7. Wolverton uses the pen name David Farland for his fantasy books. He’ll be teaching two classes at DFWCon, “Fantasy Worldbuilding” and “Writing Enchanting Prose.”

In “Fantasy Worldbuilding,” he’ll talk about how to arouse a sense of wonder in fantasy, whether it be in creating characters, building societies, developing magic systems, or creating magical creatures or places.

In “Writing Enchanting Prose,” he will cover the basics of how you can hypnotize your reader by being aware of what senses you are making “appeals” to in your reader, and in what order. He’ll also discuss the difference between appealing to the senses in ways that don’t work, those that work a bit, and those that really bring your story to life for the reader.

Wolverton is an award-winning, bestselling author with more than 50 novels in print. He has won the Philip K. Dick Memorial Special Award for “Best Novel in the English Language” and the Whitney Award for “Best Novel of the Year.” He is best known for his New York Times bestselling fantasy series The Runelords. And he judges the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest.

Wolverton has mentored some of the most successful authors out there today, including Brandon Sanderson and Stephenie Meyer, and on May 6 and 7 he’ll be here in Dallas to share his knowledge with you.

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David Wolverton


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