June 26, 2021

DFWCon 2022 Agent and Meal Selections

Selections must be submitted before October 1st, 2022.

Agent and Meal Selections for:

Agent Selection
Badge Name: Name you would like on your badge if different from the above name.
Please make your primary and alternate agent/editor selections below.
If you are not pitching you can forgo agent selection.

We will attempt to place you with your primary agent selection based on availability.

If your primary agent is fully booked we will try to set you up with your first alternative agent. If your first alternative agent is booked we will attempt to set you up with your second alternate. If we cannot assign you an agent from your selections, you will be directed to see the Agent Pitch Coordinator at the conference.
If you make multiple submissions, your last submission will be used.

If you are NOT requesting a special badge name or special meal
and are NOT pitching, you can forgo submission.