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Fortunately Wrong

We love to hear success stories. To see how people achieve that next level is truly inspiring. Our next success story comes from a member of our very own DFW Writers’ Workshop (the sponsor for the conference). For this, we… Read More ›

A Collection of Tips

When Corey Wright and I proposed our idea for the “60 Tips in 60 Minutes” class at DFWCon, we were extremely excited about what it could be: a chance to draw on the collective knowledge of the attendees. With so… Read More ›

Query Smarter

Twenty-three letters were randomly selected and read during the Query Letter Gong Show. One made it through without getting a single gong. One. Curious about what black magic allowed one letter through while the others were mercilessly gonged and eviscerated?… Read More ›

The Gong Show

Does your query letter rock? Or does it suck? Do you even know? Sure you’ve read it to Oscar your cat, and to your aunt Velma, and they both liked it. Then you lugged it to your writer’s group and… Read More ›


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