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Three Month Check-Up

What does August bring, other than triple digit temperatures?  Another post-conference check-up, of course! At this point, you should already have fulfilled your submission requests from the conference.  If you are still awaiting responses, check your submission dates and see… Read More ›

Four-Week Check-Up

Can you believe that one month has passed since DFW Writers’ Conference 2013? Are you still walking around in a post-conference daze? Well, snap out of it! We’ve got work to do and you need to be focused. What’s that?… Read More ›

Two Week Check-up

Just like a newborn baby, your conference experience needs a two-week check-up. The first thing you need to do is to review your notes.  If you take cryptic notes that need to be transcribed, do that before you forget what… Read More ›


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