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  • Tweet to win!


    Have you checked out our amazing vendor line up? We are so excited we want to give you a head start on shopping! How does a $20 vendor voucher sound? Do you think you could find a place to spend… Read More ›

  • Does your headshot look like a mugshot?

    Klug Photo

    We are pleased to announce that Klug Photography will be on hand at the conference to help take your social media presence to the next level with professional portraits. Stay tuned for details on packages available only to our attendees.

  • Final Check-Up: Turn Your Head and Cough

    business cards

    Are you getting tired of the post-conference check-up series? ME, TOO! It’s time to shake things up with your pre-con appointment with Dr. DFWCon. (Full disclosure – There is no such person as Dr. DFWCon. I am not a doctor… Read More ›

  • Six Month Check-Up

    Can you believe it has been SIX MONTHS since DFWCon 2013?  Hold on tight — that means we are only six months away from DFWCon 2014! Our past check-ups focused on how to follow-up from the conference.  At this point,… Read More ›

  • Three Month Check-Up


    What does August bring, other than triple digit temperatures?  Another post-conference check-up, of course! At this point, you should already have fulfilled your submission requests from the conference.  If you are still awaiting responses, check your submission dates and see… Read More ›

  • Eight-Week Check-Up

    Hands and pen

    [Editor's Note:  we spent most of last week gorging ourselves on hot dogs and freedom, and hope you did too.   Apologies for the late post! -TT] Do you know what I always forget to schedule? Getting sick. Yep: once… Read More ›

  • Four-Week Check-Up


    Can you believe that one month has passed since DFW Writers’ Conference 2013? Are you still walking around in a post-conference daze? Well, snap out of it! We’ve got work to do and you need to be focused. What’s that?… Read More ›

  • Two Week Check-up

    Best gas-station wine

    Just like a newborn baby, your conference experience needs a two-week check-up. The first thing you need to do is to review your notes.  If you take cryptic notes that need to be transcribed, do that before you forget what… Read More ›

  • Query Smarter

    Twenty-three letters were randomly selected and read during the Query Letter Gong Show. One made it through without getting a single gong. One. Curious about what black magic allowed one letter through while the others were mercilessly gonged and eviscerated?… Read More ›


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