About Us

It’s not easy to run the DFW Writers Conference, but someone gets to do it!  This year, our conference board members are:

Kirk von der Heydt – Director, DFWcon 2014

Michelle O’Neal – Education

Emily Hildebrand – Agents and Editors

Shawna Smith – Treasurer

Tex Thompson – Publications Manager

Jason Myers – Director Emeritus

Steve Manning – Founding Director

Of course, as a non-profit, volunteer-run organization, DFWcon wouldn’t be possible without generous donations of time and talent from our conference committee members and volunteer staff.   If you are thinking of visiting our conference in any capacity and want to help, please don’t hesitate to ask!

For questions about registration:
contact Kirk von der Heydt at director@dfwcon.org

If you are interested in speaking at DFWcon:
contact Michelle O’Neal at education@dfwcon.org   (Please be sure to include your credentials, previous speaking experience, and a description of your proposed class(es).)

If you’d like to be a DFWcon sponsor or exhibitor:
contact Katy Roberts at exhibitor@dfwcon.org

If you are or would like to recommend an agent or editor for DFWcon:
contact Emily Hildebrand at vip@dfwcon.org

For DFWcon website & newsletter questions or contributions:
contact Tex Thompson at editor@dfwcon.org

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