Speaker Feature: CD Mitchell


CD MitchellYou know, it’s no secret that going to a writer’s conference is a GREAT way to meet writers of every stripe – and today’s featured guest has already earned more stripes, dots, and dashes than most of us will in a lifetime.  I am, of course, talking about CD Mitchell.

So who is he?

CD Mitchell has seen the courtroom as a prosecuting attorney, a defense attorney and a special judge. His professional boxing career ended with a record of 45-5 with 38 knockouts.  Tommy Morrison, the former heavyweight champion, won one of his first Toughman competitions in fights CD promoted at Fayetteville, Arkansas. He has worked as a tracklayer and bridgeman for the Southern Pacific and Union Pacific railroads, owned a construction company and a barbeque stand, and worked on the locks and dams of the Arkansas River from the Toad Suck Ferry to Ozark. He has attended writing workshops at McNeese State University and has an MFA from the University of Memphis where he served as creative nonfiction, assistant, and managing editor for “The Pinch.” His first book, “God’s Naked Will” was released in September 2013, and his newest story collection, “Alligator Stew”, was published in January 2014 by Southern Yellow Pine Publishing. He is currently working on a novel and memoir.

What will he do at DFWcon?

CD is teaching two classes for us.  The first, Setting as Character, will cover exactly that.  As CD says,

“Far too many times novice writers overlook setting, or even believe that by offering a few details and visual images they have created a compelling setting. But this class will deal with creating a setting for your stories that is itself a character. Setting that is a character in your story makes it impossible to pick up your characters and set them in any other location.”

The second, Yearning: The Heart of Quality Prose, answers the question: what is ‘yearning’, and why is it so important?  CD explains:  “Yearning is that uniquely human trait that causes us to do things beyond reason. It causes us to do things that others simply shake their heads at. In this class, we will talk about identifying examples of yearning as they exist all around us. Recognizing those examples will help writers create examples of their own.”

Where can I find him in the meantime?

As a matter of fact, CD has written a blog post covering exactly that!  For more information on CD’s DFWcon classes, and what he’ll be up to between now and May, check out his Upcoming Travels and Appearances.  You can also reach him by email at cdmitchell [at] godsnakedwill.com

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