Speaker Feature: Anastasia Marie

Our next featuree is a rising new star in the literary world, and one who will be making her first appearance at

Anastasia Marie

DFWcon: Anastasia Marie!

So who is she?

As Anastasia tells it,

“I have been in love with words for as long as I can remember. My passion for writing came to me after reading the very first book of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan when I was twelve. I put this passion into action by writing my first book, a children’s story, The Boy Who Didn’t Eat Vegetables, available at Amazon.com. My constant need to share this wonderful gift of words made me finish my first full-length novel by the age of sixteen, That Fateful Day, also available online. For a while after, my focus was mainly on school and wrote only a few short stories that were submitted to minor competitions.

By the age of seventeen, I knew I wanted to be a teacher of words. I went back to my first book and expanded upon it, completing it within a deadline of thirty days and publishing it a few months later. The next year rolled around, and I jumped back on the writing wagon and finished another novel, Binding Power, which is currently being sold online. I intend for it to be the first book of a series entitled the “Saga of the Answering Storm.” The second one, Grim Phantasm, is finished and going through the editing process, and the third book in the series is in its conceptual phase.

I currently live in Texas, and I am balancing studying for a Bachelor’s of the Arts in English and writing with much enthusiasm and a lot of stressful hair-pulling.”

What will she do at DFWcon?

Anastasia is going to teach From Scatter Plot to Line Graph: An Inside Look at Keeping Your Readers Interested.  Intriguing title, isn’t it?  As a matter of fact, this class will use Michael Hauge’s Six Stage Plot Structure to analyze the art of good plot structure and character development.  You’ll learn how to write lifelike characters, organize your plot, recognize common writing mistakes – and pick up handy tips for avoiding them!

Where can I find her in the meantime?

Visit Anastasia online at anastasiamariewriter.com and on Facebook!

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