How to choose an agent for your pitch session and sign up for Friday workshops after you’ve already registered for the conference

If you have already registered and paid to attend the conference and now need to make your agent pitch selections or sign up for a pre-conference workshop, here’s what you need to do. You’re going to go back into your existing registration and add more information to it. It can be a little confusing at first, one link in particular is a little hard to find, so here’s a step-by-step tutorial with pictures.

Click the Register button on the DFWCon site

Start by clicking the Register button on the front page of this website. Or, you can just click here.

On the next screen, click the “Register Now” button.

Click the Register Now button on the registration site

On the next screen, click the link that says “View or Change Your Existing Registration” (circled in red below).

Click View or Change Your Existing Registration to add options for DFWCon

That will take you to the sign-in screen.  Enter your email address and password from when you registered for the conference, and hit Continue.  If you don’t remember your password, you can click the “Forgot Your Password” link for assistance.

DO NOT click “Start a New Registration.”

Enter the email address you used to register and then enter your password

You will then be taken into your conference registration. You should see your name on it.  Your next step depends on what you need to do.

To sign up for a pre-conference workshop

Click the link that says “Agenda.”

Click the Agenda button to register for a pre-conference workshop at DFWCon

You will now be on the screen that shows your registration information.  The two pre-conference workshops have been added to the top.  Click on the appropriate checkbox or checkboxes to select the class or classes you wish to attend. If you have a discount code, don’t forget to enter it now!  Once you’ve made your selections, hit the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.

Select one or both of the pre-conference workshops, one by Les Edgerton and one by Donald Maass

You will now be taken into the shopping cart so you can pay for the class or classes you’ve joined. You’ve shopped online before, so I think you can take it from here!

If you encounter any issues, please email director at  Good luck and we’ll see you at the conference.

To choose your agent/editor preference for your pitch session

If you would like to take part in a 10 minute pitch session with an agent or editor, go to your registration screen as described above and click on the link labeled “Personal Info.”

Click Personal Info to chooxse your agent or editor for your pitch session at DFWCon

This will take you into the screen that shows all your personal settings, including your contact information. Scroll down and you’ll see the section titled Pitches.  Be sure to check the box that indicates you wish to have a pitch or consultation session.  It’s totally optional.

Below that you will find three selectors, for your first, second and third preference of agent or editor. You get one pitch session with your registration.  The presence of three menus does not mean you get three pitch sessions.  You are indicating your order of preference. We will try to get you in with your first preference, but we cannot guarantee it. Sometimes it’s not possible if a lot of attendees request the same person.

Choose your literary agent or editor for DFWCon pitch session

Once you’ve made your choices and the Release & Waiver section is filled out, you can hit the Continue button at the bottom of the screen. You’re done!

Good luck with your session! We look forward to seeing you at the conference.

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