Speakers & Guests

As our speakers confirm, we will add their names here. Links are to their websites. As we get closer to the conference, we will begin posting synopses of their classes.
Keynote: Jonathan Maberry

Honored Guest: Donald Maass

Special Speakers: Les EdgertonBob StewartGwen Hernandez

2014 DFWcon Speakers:

Nina Amir

Ann K. Boyer

Patricia Burroughs

Del Cain

Rachel Caine

Rosemary Clement-Moore

Russell C. Connor

Nan Cuba

Lindsay Cummings

Larry Enmon

J. Suzanne Frank

Carmen Goldthwaite

Harry Hall

Kay Honeyman

Julie Kibler

Kelsey Macke

Steve Manning

Anastasia Marie

Jenny Martin

A. Lee Martinez

C.D. Mitchell

Julie Murphy

Brad Newton

Chantelle Aimee Osman

Victoria Scott

Natalia Sylvester

Tex Thompson

Kirk von der Heydt

Heather Webb

Jaye Wells

David Whiteman

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