On Friday, 05/02/14, the DFW Writers’ Conference will be proud to bring you two unique pre-conference workshops. You can attend these individually or in conjunction with the conference. If you plan on purchasing either workshop AND the conference, register at the conference and add the workshop to your “Agenda”.  If you want to attend one of these workshops ONLY, use the following link.


Les Edgerton: A Fiction Writer’s Workshop at the Bijou

A Look at the film Thelma & Louise to Inform Fiction-Writing Techniques

Watching movies can make you a better fiction writer.

That’s the entire premise of this workshop. A different kind of audience of prospective writers has been emerging over the past several decades. Young writers today, in general, are far more familiar with movies than they are with literature.

More and more, writing teachers are telling me that they can get across fiction-writing techniques to their students via examples in movies much easier than they can by using fiction examples. That has been my own experience for almost two decades.

The learning experience when using a movie to instruct is immediate and there are a number of positive elements that occur. For one, the student isn’t intimidated by the material. Movies are old friends to this generation.

Movies are more convenient, time-wise, than literature models, particularly novels. The average movie today runs an hour and a half and rarely over two hours. That means it can be studied in a shorter period of time than a novel, which usually takes much longer to read. Also, a movie can be experienced by a large number of people (as in a class) at the same time, while a novel has to be read beforehand to make use of it.

Not to mention the fact that the movie industry these days drives the entertainment market (and this includes the novel market). Novel structure these days is based on the film model.

This workshop will focus on the practical aspects of fiction writing as informed by films, covering techniques in how actions inform character, dialogue, how a causal plot works, story structure, transitions, mood and tone, setting, creating riveting scenes, and other elements. As a decided bonus, Bijou will also provide inside information on such topics as:

  • why “watercooler moments” are important in creating a bestseller and how to create them
  • how to write a novel in 90 days using the method screenwriters utilize, using index cards

We will be watching the movie “Thelma and Louise” in its entirety.  It will be helpful if you can watch the movie on your own before class, but it isn’t necessary.

Time: 8:30AM – 11:30PM   Cost: $50 (non-conference) / $35 (conference)


Donald Maass: Writing 21st Century Fiction

Based on his popular book of the same name (September 2012, Writer’s Digest) , New York agent Donald Maass will teach participants the techniques that give multi-year best selling novels their high impact, resulting in both strong stories and beautiful beautiful writing regardless of category. This is an intensive, hands-on workshop for advanced fiction writers. Participants should bring a WIP and writing materials.

Time: 1:00PM – 5:00PM  Cost: $100 (non-conference) / $75 (conference)

**note: select both workshops (non-conference) and save $10**

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